Since June 25, 2021, Newpack has obtained its FSC certification. This certification is very important for Newpack, it is part of its QSE policy and its CSR approach.

Towards sustainable forest management.

Sustainable forest management limits forest degradation and deforestation, ensuring practical sustainable management. Forests have an influence on the climate and on the ecosystem in general, both human and animal.

If a tree can absorb about 25kg of carbon dioxide per year, it can supply oxygen for four people for one day.

So let’s imagine several trees are preserved by the practice of this sustainable forest management.

Concerned about the environment, Newpack S.A manufactures corrugated cardboard from FSC® certified paper.

For some years,

80% of our paper comes from sustainable forest management and 80% of this paper is recycled.

Since June 25, 2021,

FSC certification according to the international standard of the Forest Stewardship Council® for a complete verification of the chain of custody.

We are proud to manufacture FSC®-certified cardboard and also to promote the communication of this sustainable forest management through our products which allow our customers to insure their end customers.

This American box model is made mainly from wood fibers from FSC®-certified forests, guaranteeing responsible forest management.