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Our vision

Newpack, Packaging Leader in the Indian Ocean,
Respectful of International Standards,
with its team committed to the service of its customers.

Your reliable
packaging partner

30 years experience in the corrugated
carton industry, leader in the region
with more than 300000 references.


More than 50 million corrugated
cartons produced each year

Newpack is celebrating this year
his 35 years

Founded on April 1, 1988, it has been 35 years of great
developments, ups and downs

Our market sectors’ expertise

Packaging solutions for your business needs


Our boxes in pictures!

In an American case or box with specialized cutting, printed or not, glossy or matte.



The most rigorous and credible forest management certification system, balancing environmental, social and economic concerns in the management of world’s forest.

Customer satisfaction

Dedicated team, working closely with the customer, permanently looking for the optimal packaging solution.

Professional excellency

More than 30 years experience in the packaging industry, with over 300 000 references and 50 million of corrugated boards produced each year.  


Thai union

Thank you for your great responsiveness. This is a very important project for us and on which we must move very quickly.
Thank you again


I’ll be clear with you, I no longer order my boxes elsewhere since I work with Rindra here in copy. Rindra can deliver quality cardboard to you very quickly from Mada by taking advantage of our prices, if you are stuck on our orders. This option has already been offered to the other subsidiaries in the Indian Ocean. The next day I ordered a TC 40HC with Newpack and I never stopped.


The 1kg boxes are perfect, they go very well with the forming robot on the automated line. These new boxes allow us to gain a lot in productivity. Looking forward to working with Newpack on other projects.

a responsible and committed company 


A sustainable environmental policy throughout the recycling of paper waste and the treatment of wastewater.


We are committed to a transparency of processes, and respect of international standards with an efficient stock & cost control.


A safe and pleasant work environment. Human Resources Policies focused on employees’ well being: access to social welfare benefits, canteen and sport activities.


Keep up to date with our activities

Anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy

We have drafted our Anti-Corruption Charter which sets out our anti-corruption commitments and establishes the fundamental principles we follow to maintain high standards of professional conduct.

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International Youth Day

International Youth Day

Newpack attaches importance to the dynamism brought by young people. Their imagination to bring innovative ideas and find relevant solutions actively contributes to achieving …

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